With a wide range of security solutions and products to help secure your home, business or properties at your disposal, we will ensure that you can keep the things that you care about safe and sound!
After gaining over 20 years of experience, Locksmiths of Cardiff knows what we they talking about when it comes to security. Specialising in door security, their work has been proven to effectively secure properties since their inception in 1991. A tightly-knit relationship with clients combined with a genuine concern for their craft has allowed us to provide the best services and advice possible. After over 20 years in the business, it is hard to find a problem that they have not encountered and solved.
They also provide many different services related to security. For example, they offer high security locks for residential properties. These locks greatly reduce the risk of break ins and protect your property.

Lock changes are also available. This could be important if you fear that your home or business is insecure due to their current lock system.
Lock and master re-keys are also available. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are locked out of your own property, this is a feasible and effective solution.
If you have a lock that is broken or non-functional, a lock repair solution is also available.
If you feel that a certain part of your home or business is insecure and could do with extra protection, then lock installation may be the solution that you need. For this reason, lock installation is also provided.

For more serious security needs, the company also provides panic bar installation on both business and residential properties.
To allow for visual validation, observation, and overall security, the company also provides peephole installation.
The company also has a fully equipped on site key duplication facility.

Not only does the company provide a plethora of security solutions, but they also do so at a very competitive and fair price.
If that was not enough, the company also caters to landlords. The aforementioned key cutting facility can provide landlords with multiple keys for both tenants and letting agents, including a master key for the landlord. Services available to both domestic and commercial landlords at competitive prices include lock changes, lock re-keys, master re-keys, lock repairs, new lock installations, and emergency lock-outs. All work done by the company is efficient and without hassle, allowing for a seamless transition to a more secure property.
All locks and security solutions provided by the company comply with HMO safety regulations and fire regulations in the United Kingdom. This means that the locks and products provided are of the highest quality and standard needed in the environment of today.

The company also advises their clients on the best deal when providing a product to secure their property. With the knowledge of over 20 years experience, the client can be assured that they will be given accurate, effective, and succinct advice about their respective security concerns. Being in the business since 1991 gives the company a great overview of the current trends in security. They know that one’s personal and professional security is something that they cannot afford to risk or leave up to chance. That is why innovative solutions based on experience and methods that have been rigorously proven to have worked have been implemented and perfected by the company for over two decades. On call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the main concern of the company is to provide you with an effective and valuable end product. Of course, a good deal is also a nice bonus!


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